Jessica Barker is a qualified Chartered Accountant with a passion for creating robust systems and streamlining workflows. With her ability to look at a problem and analyse the strengths and weaknesses of a solution she has made a name for herself at Ethique, as being the go-to for implementing new systems and ideas. Jess has aided Brianne West (CEO) and Tristan Roberts (COO) in their global expansion by implementing a new ERP system for Ethique, ensuring it can continue to grow comfortably in a global market.

A born and bred kiwi, with a love of the outdoors Jess has developed a strong desire to protect what is, and work towards a more sustainable future.

It is not always about working harder but thinking differently that can get you ahead and Jess is all about thinking differently. It is often remarked upon, that she is unlike all the other accountants anyone knows.

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