Welcome to Nous

Founded in 2021, we help purpose-led entrepreneurs scale  their world-changing ideas. We're a team of four, with broad experience in operations, brand building, logistics, international sales and export, marketing, product development, IP management and much more.

Nous exists to help entrepreneurs scale their purpose-led businesses to solve meaningful problems.

But what do we mean? Businesses with purpose don’t just sell a product or service for the sake of it. They solve a problem.  It’s about businesses that exist to address those problems at their root. It doesn’t have to be huge. It doesn’t have to be complicated. But it must solve an actual problem – from a consumer’s point of view too, not just your own.

We're not a mentoring service, or a coaching company or an investment fund. We're all three, with the added bonus of over 40 years of start-up experience in values-based organisations.

What we do, and don't do

Collectively, we have spent years creating, launching and scaling product based companies. But product based companies with a mission to make the world a better place. So that is where our expertise is, and where we are best placed to offer you support. We want to help the next generation of mission-driven CPG companies thrive.

What we do

- Support early stage mission-led, product and e-commerce brands to scale.
- Leverage our extensive offshore network to help our partners expand internationally through retailers including Amazon.
- Help you prepare for investment through equity crowdfunding, angels or VCs - whatever you are looking for.
- Grow brands with a long-term viewpoint, not a short-term financial one.

What we don't do

- Work with organisations that do not have a mission-led focus (ie profit at all costs models).
- Work with destructive industries
- Work within the typical VC/PE financial return cycle (so we are more flexible with forecasts and exits).
- Work with organisations that do not consider diversity and inclusion as key metrics of success.

Our Team