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Have you got Nous?

We’re calling for purpose-led entrepreneurs.

Those who believe business (done properly) can be the fastest way to create real impact for people and our planet.

Got Nous? is a competition and your chance to start and scale an idea to change the world, through ongoing mentorship and cash investment for three future leaders.

Over two rounds, you’ll present your business, the problem it exists to solve (from a consumer’s point of view), and how you’ll do it.

Entries have closed for 2022!

31st July

Applications close

31st August

Finalists announced

29th September

Winners announced

Round One:

Simple. Complete the entry form available below. The Nous team will evaluate all submissions for their business description, potential for impact, market analysis, product/service analysis, competitor profile, marketing strategy, management/team overview, and financial insight.

Round Two:

Receive a top score against that matrix and you’ll go to Round Two. A virtual pitch to the Nous Team and a special guest judge. Five early-stage entrepreneurs will present in this round, so bring your best to the initial entry form.

On the 15th September, the three winners will be announced who have earned their share of a $140k prize pool, and ongoing backing from the Nous team.

Interested? Apply now – entries close July 31st. Questions? Drop us a line via However, a few quick provisos.

-          Applicants must be 18 to enter, but there’s no upper limit (great ideas don’t stop at a certain age).

-          Early-stage and new ventures only. Nous exists to help purpose-led businesses and leaders at the beginning of their journey. What counts as early stage? Under $500k in revenue so far. Not even trading yet? That's okay.

-          Start-ups must have purpose beyond a product or service. Ask, are you solving an actual problem? Don’t forget the consumer perspective, either.

-          Biggest of all? Just try. For any questions relating to whether you should enter, or if your idea, business, or you as an entrepreneur are ready. The answer is yes. It doesn’t have to be perfect, complex, or grandiose. You will never feel completely prepared. So just try. You don’t know where it could take you.