What you need to know about Nous.

Three Fast Facts.

This blog serves as an introduction to Nous, and stems from a real chat with Founder and Co-Managing Partner Brianne West. Over instant message. In about five minutes, maybe less.

She asked, “if you were to highlight three fast facts about Nous, what would you say?”.

Tricky. The truth is that there’s lots. However, these three are key.

1. We’ve done it before.

Nine years ago, Brianne had a microwave, a pink mixing bowl, and a goal to save one million plastic bottles.

Does that sound ambitious? Yes. Did she do it? No – she did better. With offices in New Zealand, the US and UK, team members around the globe, products on shelves in 22 countries, and best of all, more than 20 million plastic bottles saved, her start-up is now Ethique – a globally recognised company that makes a real impact.

And that’s just one example. Between Brianne and Tristan, numerous businesses have started, navigated early-stages and growth, then scaled to success.

Nous (built on the experience and expertise of its founders) proves that start-ups can be successful, and that purpose can co-exist with profit. They’ve already done it.

2. We’re committed to developing purpose-led leaders.

Entrepreneurs get offered plenty of feedback. Most of it well-intentioned and based on the life-experience of the person giving it.

But just because conventional business advice (or someone who may have more experience than you) says there’s one way to do things, it doesn’t make it true. We work to understand your business, goals, and purpose – no one knows them like you do. Creating an individual program with you, focused on the skills needed to grow your business, and your personal development as a leader.

Challenges are inevitable, but very few problems can’t be solved. We help entrepreneurs build and practice the skills to tackle them, and these stick with you throughout your life.

3. We back businesses with purpose.

Nous exists to help entrepreneurs start and scale businesses with purpose. But what do we mean?

Businesses with purpose don’t just sell a product or service for the sake of it. They solve a problem. It’s not about counteracting the negative impact of something that inherently harms people or planet (planting a tree for every sale of a product made with palm oil). It’s about businesses that exist to address those problems at their root.

It doesn’t have to be huge. It doesn’t have to be complicated. But it must solve an actual problem – from a consumer’s point of view too, not just your own.

4. Lucky number four. Because rules shouldn’t necessarily be followed.

Nous is not your typical investment fund, accelerator, or coaching company. One of the great things about a business can be its team and working alongside people who value what you do. Am I biased? Maybe. But I think our Nous team is one of the best. We’ll help you build yours and work on culture.