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Through consultancy and investment, we help you scale your purpose-led brand. And the difference? You're working with people who've done it before, taking businesses from the kitchen, to the world.
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Let's Change the World

Let's talk
  • Insprie (in-spree) labs is a boutique consulting & investment fund founded in Aotearoa New Zealand, designed specifically to support purpose-led enterprises looking to solve social or environmental problems at scale.

  • We work exclusively with product based brands (sorry services, you're not our area of expertise), specialising in strategy, export, retail expansion, ops, brand building and marketing.

  • And if we really like what you are doing and there is potential to do it at scale, we might even invest alongside you.


Say it with us... Strategy and planning are key. We don't just offer advice, we guide you in constructing a long-term business strategy, encompassing not just what your business should be doing, but when, why, and how it should be doing it (since not all opportunities are good..). With a history of successfully assisting numerous startups across various industries, we've amassed a treasure trove of experience and expertise.

Preparing for Investment

We don't just invest, we help you build a capital strategy, including when you need to invest and where you'll get the best bang for buck from (not all money is good money afterall). We have two very successful equity crowdfunding raises under our belts having raised over $700,000 from 350 shareholders and we love to talk about it - so let's chat.

Brand Building

Your brand isn't what you say it is, it's what your customers say right? We will help you get everything from your positioning, messaging, audience right so you can craft a brand identity that truly stands out in the crowd and generates long-term customer loyalty (and press... lots of press). How do we know we can? We've done it before. A few times.

Retail Expansion

Navigating the world of retail expansion is  thrilling yet daunting, and if you do it wrong... well... it can lead to a less than ideal outcome. You need to say no more than yes, build a retailer strategy, build your in-store offer and get in the door. We can help. We have taken start-ups from garage to retailers around the world, including Boots (UK), Holland & Barrett (UK), Target (USA), Woolworths (AU) and Countdown (NZ) to name but a few.


Want to export but no idea how to start..? Yep - we felt like that when we first started too. Navigating the world of exporting can be a complex filled with a multitude of regulations, languages, and cultures. But we've done it before, with specific (like, millions of dollars worth of) experience in Australia, the USA, the UK, and Japan. And Amazon - if you're not on the world's biggest market, are you even a brand...? We launched our brand on Amazon and turned it into a half a million dollar a month channel in just a year.

Operations & Finance

Finally to ops - a business is nothing if it doesn't operate efficiently. And that gets harder the bigger you get. Our team grew a startup from kitchen to 22 countries in just eight years so we know what works, and most importantly, we know what doesn't so you can learn from our mistakes.

Some of the companies we work with:

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