So, what is the difference between consulting...

Consulting is a flexible approach to improving your business. Through mentoring or coaching sessions, and specific-skills workshops.  From a one-off conversation to ongoing discussions. For founders or teams. Consulting enables businesses and entrepreneurs to get individualised support at a cadence that suits their stage and resources. Insprie consult so that others can benefit from our years of experience, success, and mistakes.

What we cover in consulting sessions is up to you, but largely focus on analysing problems, developing strategic solutions, identifying opportunities and pathways to achieve them. Expect collaborative sessions – Insprie will not tell you what to do without your input. It’s about successfully navigating your current stage, while simultaneously building skills in your business to facilitate long-term growth.

And projects?

Projects are a focused approach to partnership, where Insprie is retained to support the achievement of a specific outcome.

We take your vision, and define the deliverables, strategy, timeline, and resources required, distilling this into a project roadmap.

From new market preparation/entry, retail expansion, brand identity/strategy development, or other milestones in your growth. We act as an extension of your team to facilitate it, bringing the experience and expertise developed from reaching that goal in our own ventures.


Our Areas of Expertise



Strategic planning, process improvement, systems, technology, innovation, team development, financial management, risk management, warehouse & inventory management.



Strategic planning, brand management, market research, product marketing, digital marketing, advertising & promotion, PR, KPIs, budget management, team development.


Export & Sales

Market research & analysis, market entry strategy, regulatory compliance, logistics & supply chain management, customer relationship management, negotiation and deal support.


Investment readiness

Funding strategies, valuation, investor targeting, pitch preparation, due diligence support, negotiation assistance, legal & regulatory guidance, investor relations, network & introductions.


Our Approach


Custom Service

Personalised sessions, catered to your needs, stage, and preferences. Flexible engagement options, from one-off consultations to ongoing support.


Opportunity Identification

We guide you to opportunities for growth and development, building pathways for you to capitalise on them.


Shared experience

Gain practical insights from Insprie’s decades of experience, success, and lessons learned before investing your own time.



Options for individual founders and entire teams. Tailored cadence to suit your stage and available resources.

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