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Ella Crosswell
General Manager
Ella met Brianne and Tristan at Ethique where she progressed to leadership roles, including General Manager of Asia Pacific and General Manager of Marketing. She supported Ethique’s growth across several key markets, including New Zealand, Australia, and Japan, as well as managing a diverse team across multiple regions including the US and UK. Her practical experience working across various projects and brands is complimented with a master’s degree in marketing, to deliver strategic business objectives that contribute to a brand’s success and a better world.
Tristan Roberts
Co-Managing Partner
After two decades working in the public and private sectors, Tristan was headhunted out of retirement to join Ethique as the COO. He led the company in three key areas: development, and execution of strategy, change management, and mentoring of a young CEO and leadership team.
Brianne West
Co-Managing Partner
Brianne West is a New Zealand entrepreneur and the founder & CEO of new start-up Incrediballs. However, she is mostly known as the founder and former CEO of Ethique, the only company in the world with an entirely plastic-free product range across hair, body, skin, and beauty, regenerating our planet through business. Ethique has, to date, prevented the manufacture and disposal of over 30 million plastic bottles worldwide.

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